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Long week-end project

I originally planned to use the light green trim. But I wanted a more dramatic effect, so I opted for the dark green. It took me a while to figure out how to put everything together. I wanted to be able to remove the bows when I wash the covers. I came up with the sewed on loop fastened by a button. I hope the reinforcements at the back will be enough to hold the heavy double bows. I finished the end of theĀ strips by hand. I’m happy with the result. šŸ™‚

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Christmas Projects

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Dinette project

I recentlyĀ replaced ourĀ dinette set to one with a round table. Ā I think it saves more space than our previous rectangular table. Ā And since ourĀ oldĀ chairs had a lot of scratches on the wood, not to mention the ripped PVC seats, I thought I’d make chair covers to avoid scratches. Ā I tell you, you’d think the boys are all grown up now and would be more careful with furniture. Ā But I guess boys will be boys. Ā So here’s my latest DIY sewing project.



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