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Slippery in Winnipeg

The City usually clears the snow immediately after a snowfall. They would first clear the streets downtown, the main streets and the business and commercial areas. And then the residential areas. But sometimes they don’t get to some of the areas right away and it would be too late to scrape the snow that had turned into ice. They would sprinkle sand and salt over the slippery ice but they don’t stay there for long.

I took this video clip last Friday while I was on my way home from the 7-11 store at the corner of our street. You can see the sidewalk is shiny with ice. Notice how I avoid walking on the icy patches on the sidewalk as much as I can. I would rather walk on the snow on somebody else’s driveway or lawn. I actually almost slipped on this walk when I stepped back on to the ice.

It was around minus 11C. A little bit nippy with the wind at 20 kmh. And this is not even bad. It’s just mild, in terms of slipperiness.


November 23, 2008 at 4:57 pm 2 comments

Spring melt down

At the church parking lot on the Sunday after Easter.

At our pediatrician’s parking lot last Monday.

This one was taken last year.  That’s the metal frame of a lawn chair that’s being uncovered as the snow slowly melts.  Oh, you wouldn’t believe the things that get unearthed, or should I say, “unsnowed” around this time of the year.

This one was taken last year as well.  Yes, that’s a ladies brassiere.


The first time I saw it was early in the morning.  It was under frozen water.  I couldn’t help but giggle.  Later that afternoon, the ice has melted.  I wanted to pick it up and throw it in the garbage.  But I thought that it would be embarrassing if someone saw me pick it up.  It’s not my size anyway.  It’s way too big for me.  )  I think it stayed there on the ground in front of the 7-11 Store for a few days.  I wonder who finally got rid of it. 

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At the parking lot

We have been in deep freezing temperatures here in Winnipeg these past few weeks.  And we’re finally getting warmer temperatures now.  But then again, warm and cold is relative.  Just look at the cartoon in the editorial page of The Herald this week. 🙂

Well, anyway, I was finally able to get my camera out in the open and take quick snap shots at the church parking lot on Sunday.  As usual, we made it just in time, one minute before the mass started, and the parking lot was already full.  We ended up parking in the lot of the school adjacent to the church.

This baby plows and clears the snow in the parking lot.


The school parking lot has these electrical outlets where you can plug your car.


Cars here in Manitoba are equipped with block heaters to keep them warm in freezing temperatures.  So it’s very common to see plugs hanging out from the hood of the cars.




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Snow Sculpture

I see this snow sculpture everyday.  It looks like a mascot of some sort.  It’s located in front of the TD Bank Centre at Portage and Main downtown.  This is the only snow sculpture I’ve seen this winter.  I don’t know if there are any other sculptures around the city.  I didn’t get the chance to go looking for any this time around.   

snow sculpture

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Welcome to Winterpeg

I don’t see a lot of daylight now since I went back to work downtown.  It’s still dark when I leave at 7:10 in the morning and since I’ve been working overtime everyday, I usually leave work at around 5:00 to 6:00 at night and it’s already dark.  The only time I see daylight is on the weekends.  When I work overtime on a Saturday, I leave the house at 7:40 a.m.  That’s around daybreak.  I took these pictures this past weekend.  The first two were taken at Portage Avenue at 8:10 on Saturday morning.  We had quite a snowfall the night before.

winter on portage avenue

winter on portage avenue

More pictures after the snowfall.

This one is on our street.  I love this fence that the owner built around their house.

winterpeg 2007

The kids (my youngest son and my nephews and nieces) built this fort and tunnel in our backyard.

winterpeg 2007

This one’s the side of our house.  That pile of snow is starting to get higher.

winterpeg 2007 

Winterpeg, by the way, is the nickname coined to the city of Winnipeg because of its very cold and long winters.  Winters that usually start on October 31 and last up to April.  Winters in which temperature of minus 30 C is normal. 

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Walking home from school

I have mentioned quite a few times here that my sister and I are neighbours.  We live in a duplex house, side by side, next to each other.  Our kids (mine, 3 and hers 7) would switch houses and play with each other.  And as you’ve seen in my previous post, they’d play in our backyard, which we also share. 

There was a time when my sister and I lived with my aunt’s family and we became really close with our three cousins who were all girls.  We were like sisters to each other.  We have such fond memories growing up with our cousins. 

I’m sure that when our kids get older, they will also have fond memories of togetherness and laughter.  And of course, just like any siblings, they’ve had quite a few spats too.  

Last week, after a long break from patrolling (three weeks of a cold spell and another week at the office), I was kind of excited to be back at my post.  I brought my camera with me and took pictures of the kids while they were walking home from school. 

Their school is only a ten-minute walk from home.  But these five cousins take forever to get home.  From my post, I could see them from three blocks away as they make a right turn.  And it’s like watching a slow motion movie.  They are always the last group of kids that I have to cross.

My 11-year old niece usually walks ahead.  And usually, the youngest, my six-year old nephew, trails behind.  They sometimes have to stop until he could catch up with them.  And of course, they also stop to goof around and play with the snow.





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Playing in the snow 2

Is it already spring or summer where you are right now?  Well, we’re still deep in snow here in Winnipeg.  We have enjoyed temperatures of minus three to minus five this past week, although we’ve been dumped with about ten more cm of snow. 

Here are my youngest son and my nephews and nieces playing in our backyard.

They made a huge hole in the middle of the backyard.  They say that it’s a planetarium.


This is a church, says my eight-year old niece.


That’s my ten-year old nephew on top of a snow pile in our driveway.  Do you see how high that snow is?


These are my nephews tobogganing (sledding) on that same snow pile.


I took these last three pictures last month just before we had that  three-week cold spell.  They’re always digging holes and tunnels.  They said that they were making Pokemon centres. Kids and their imagination, huh?



One of them could actually fit inside this hole.


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