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Spring melt down

At the church parking lot on the Sunday after Easter.

At our pediatrician’s parking lot last Monday.

This one was taken last year.  That’s the metal frame of a lawn chair that’s being uncovered as the snow slowly melts.  Oh, you wouldn’t believe the things that get unearthed, or should I say, “unsnowed” around this time of the year.

This one was taken last year as well.  Yes, that’s a ladies brassiere.


The first time I saw it was early in the morning.  It was under frozen water.  I couldn’t help but giggle.  Later that afternoon, the ice has melted.  I wanted to pick it up and throw it in the garbage.  But I thought that it would be embarrassing if someone saw me pick it up.  It’s not my size anyway.  It’s way too big for me.  )  I think it stayed there on the ground in front of the 7-11 Store for a few days.  I wonder who finally got rid of it. 


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Let’s do The Twist

Every spring, our school division holds a Children’s Folk Dance Festival for all the Grade 1, 2 and 3 classes.  This is an outdoor activity and the venue is usually at a nearby park.

The Twist 

The Festival was scheduled last Friday, with an alternate rain date of Tuesday next week.  We’ve had a rainy and cold week, and fortunately it didn’t rain on Friday.  I took an hour break from work and went to watch a little bit of the Dance Festival.  It was cold at only 10 C and wind of around 30 NW.  Most of the students and teachers were wearing their warm jackets and some even wore their hats and gloves.  But the cold weather didn’t dampen their spirits.  They danced all the dances that they have been learning and practicing the entire week.  I only got to see Ryland do five dances:  the Virginia Reel, the Macarena, Hands Up, Chicken Dance and The Twist, which I also danced.  Click on the pictures to watch short video clips.  And let’s see if you can spot me dancing The Twist.

Virginia Reel

Blast from the past

When I was in elementary school in the Philippines, we celebrated the Foundation Day of our school by performing different dances.  This one is the Hawaiian Dance to the tune of Pearly Shells when I was in kindergarten.

Hawaiian Dance

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Lilacs in bloom

I watched Martha last week and she talked about lilacs.  I didn’t know that’s what these plants are called.  I thought that lilacs are just “flowers.”  They also come in shrubs and trees.  Lilacs are blooming now here in Winnipeg.  And it’s only now that I notice that there are quite a few of these plants in our neighbourhood.  I also learned that they only bloom in the spring.  These fragrant pretty purple and pink flowers will be gone by summer.  So stop, smell and admire these flowers while they’re here.








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Green sprouts in Spring






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Spring buds





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Spring cleaning

spring cleaning 

Finally all the snow is gone and time to clean the yard of all the dried leaves, dead grass and whatever was buried there under all that snow.

street sweeper

In the winter, the City puts sand on the icy roads and sidewalks to help with traction.  But when the snow melts, all that sand is left on the streets.  Today the street sweepers were in our neighbourhood to clean up that sand.

spring cleaning

I was taking a walk when I noticed that branches are also trimmed from the trees.  The other day, my husband cut down a tree in our backyard because he said it was ruining the garage.  I feel kind of sad when I see trees that have been cut.  Ah, I guess it’s just me.  I think I’m going through some sort of midlife crisis, eh? 🙂

The first picture was taken ten days ago and the last two just today.  Did you notice how the grass has turned greener?  Some of the trees are still leafless.  But green buds are starting to sprout on some.  I’ll share some more pictures next time.

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Birds of a feather


We’ve been having warmer temperatures lately.  And by warm, I mean up to plus 19.  Yay! 

It’s nice to finally go out there in just a shirt and flipflops.  And of course also some kind of bottom garments, silly you.  And yeah, there are also people wearing shorts now.


One of the first signs of Spring is the arrival of the birds that migrated to the warmer South in the Fall.  Yup, these birds have been around for a few weeks now.  Oh, I just love hearing the sound of the chirping birds first thing in the morning when I go downstairs to the kitchen while I prepare breakfast.  And I also love the honking of the Canada geese as they hover around all over the city.


I was at Kildonan Place on Friday after work when I saw these birds on the parking lot.  I immediately took my camera from my purse and slowly approached them.  I took three shots, one after the other, as I walked closer, being really quiet because I didn’t want them to fly away, as those black birds in our backyard do when I try to take their pictures. I was glad that these birds just stayed there.  The pictures are not that sharp because I started clicking when I was still far.  Besides, it was windy that afternoon and I was carrying three bags, two on my left hand and one hanging on my shoulder, holding the camera with only on hand.  I thought that the pictures would be blurry, but they turned out all right.

And yeah, Nanay Ayo is also back.  She’s our family friend who’s already retired and she goes back to the Philippines every Fall, spends time there while we freeze here in the winter, and comes back here in the Spring.  Lucky her, huh? 

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