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Basketball clip – CP vs JP

Now let’s talk about real sports – basketball.

It is basketball season once again in our School Division.  This video clip actually happened last week.  But you know how I get behind in my postings. 🙂

Watch player number 4 in the black jersey.  That’s my boy Ryan doing what he does best in this sport.  This was his team’s first game of the season.  They won against the visiting team – 66 vs 34.

This week, they had to visit another school to play their second game.  They also won against the home team – 32 vs 68. 

Way to go team!


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My very busy February

I’ve had such a busy month with dentist appointments and activities here and there, and the latter part of February being called to the office for a 5-day training.  I have been exhausted most of the time and just looking at the calendar before I flip it after tomorrow makes me tired again. calfeb07t.jpg 

When the kids and I went for our semi-annual dental check-up last month, I found out that I needed a filling on one of my molars and that not only Ryland needed to have an infected tooth pulled out, but Ryan also needed to have his two baby teeth pulled out to give way to his erupting adult tooth.  So appointments for these visits were booked for this month. 

February 7th.  Ryan had his Winter Concert. The Grade 7 Concert Band played Frere Jacques, Theme from “Symphony No. 1,” Sawmill Creek, and Grandstand March.  That’s him in the middle carrying his trombone after the seventh graders finished their performance. 


I couldn’t get a good shot of him while he was playing because he was seated somewhere in the middle of the band.  I’ve always had good shots of Reggie while playing the flute because he was always at the front.  But trombone players are seated in the middle.  Can you see him in this picture?  You get just a glimpse of him behind the two girls.


February 9th.  I took a half day vacation to prepare for Ryland’s 9th birthday celebration which we had that Saturday.  And if you think it’s not that bad to host a birthday party for 11 nine-year olds, think again.  Just read my experience last year and the year before that.


Ryan had also been busy with basketball practice and games.  They had morning practices on three Monday mornings, which started at 7:30 a.m.  Since it was still dark out, I walked with him to school.  I wasn’t comfortable making him walk alone when it was still dark.   

February 14th.  They had two back-to-back games on Valentine’s day.  They won both games.  Oh, Ryan was so good in those games.  He’s good at defense.  He may be small, but he’s slick at the court.


perfectattend.jpgFebruary 15th.  I attended a townhall meeting at the office where I received my fifth annual Perfect Attendance Award.  Yes, thank you very much.  I now have 4 of these glass plaques sitting on top of my desk.  The first year I received the award, I was given a $50 gift certificate instead.  I also had training at the office that day.  And what was supposed to be a half-day training was extended to five and a half days.  So I had to get up really early during those 6 days that I had to go to the office and you know how much I don’t like that.

So I had to leave the house while the two younger kids were still eating breakfast.  It’s actually quite convenient now because Ryan is already 12 and Ryland, 9.  As long as I leave them a schedule that they could follow, like this one, they’re all right: 

7:30 Eat breakfast

8:00 Punas and dress up

8:30 Leave the house 

When I watched Ryan’s game at 5:00 p.m. on the 15th, Reggie wasn’t home yet and instead of watching the game, Ryland chose to stay next door at my sister’s place. When we came home, I found this note on the kitchen table: 

Read This: 

Hello! I have rehearsal with the wind ensemble at school at 7:00. 

Ryland is eating dinner at their house, their nai nai (did I spell that right) said it would be alright. 

See you later,  


That’s my Reggie.  And it’s actually nanay (mother) and not nai nai. 

February 16th.  This was the morning when Ryan and Ryland had their teeth pulled out.  I told my supervisor that I was coming in late.  Although their dad drove them, us, to the dentist, I just had to be there for their first tooth extractions. And in the afternoon, I had to hurry home because Reggie had a performance that night at the Optimist International Band Festival at the Winnipeg Convention Centre.  I left the two young ones at home because they weren’t interested in watching Reggie play.  There was a time when I would drag all of them to attend Reggie’s concert, back when they were still younger and I couldn’t leave them home alone by themselves.   

reggieconventiont.jpgReggie’s Wind Ensemble Band played Havana by Robinovitch and on their second performance of a piece title Souvenir by Erb, the band players stood up and gathered at the back around the audience and by the wall.  The lights were turned off except for this sort of luminescent lamps that made everything white, like their sheet music, glow in the dark.  Then a CD was played and the band players accompanied it with their instruments and there were visual effects on the front, resembling that of what you would see inside a kaleidoscope.  Then a huge bouncing ball was thrown at the audience and we all passed it around.  It actually hit me twice on the head and the next time it came my way, I had my arms ready to pass it on to the next person.  Neon coloured pingpong balls were thrown next, and the kids who were there tried to grab and collect them from the floor.  I also grabbed a few.  Towards the end of the piece, there were also silly strings and confetti and bubbles.  It was such an exciting experience and they got a great review from the adjudicator.  That’s Reggie standing at the aisle holding his flute before their second performance. 

February 20th. Ryan had two games, 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.  And I had to attend a meeting at 6:30 p.m. at Reggie’s school regarding their upcoming Jazz Band trip to Brandon.  How could I watch the 6:00 game and also attend the 6:30 meeting?  If I could only be at two places at one time, right?  Well, I did watch the first 20 minutes of Ryan’s game.  Reggie’s school was only ten minutes away from Ryan’s school.  The meeting was only 20 minutes long and I made it back to Ryan’s school just in time to watch him make the final shot for their team that night. They lost that second game, but hey, what’s important to my son is that I saw him make that basket.


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Basketball tournaments start


Junior high school basketball tournaments started this week.  My son, Ryan, made his school team.  And it’s been a very busy week.  Five games in four days.  We have been particularly very busy today, Saturday.  He played in two games and we had dentist appointments for me and all three kids in between.  We started the day at 8:30 a.m. and I only got home at around 5:30 p.m. after I had done my grocery shopping.  I’m beat.  So I guess I’ll retire early tonight.  And if you don’t see me blogging that much in the next two months, you know where I am – in some school gym watching and cheering my boy.  That’s him – number 63.

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Brad, the Raptors, and the game

Brad Pitt was in town shooting the film The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. I’m not really a fan. Although, I was excited at first when I learned that the shooting would take place at the antique Exchange District. The place was transformed into a Western setting. The crew covered the streets with dirt, buggies, and horses. But I’m not the type of person who would stand out there and watch a shooting just to take a peek at Hollywood stars. I’m not crazy about Brad, anyway. I know a few people who are more interested in gazing at the alluring Miss Jolie.

Well, anyway, I thought that there could be a chance that Brad would show up at the Raptors game last night. Although I’m not a fan, I thought it would have been cool to see a movie star in person. But he wasn’t there. And yes, the Toronto Raptors and Portland Trailblazers were also in town. My 11-year old son, Ryan, who is into basketball, and many other Winnipeggers had been anticipating for months in watching the only Canadian team in the NBA play at the MTS Centre. Ryland and I went with Ryan to watch the pre-season game. This was our first time to watch a live professional basketball game and our first time to be inside the MTS Centre arena.

Even though Vince Carter is not in the team anymore (he was traded to New Jersey Nets), thousands of people still flocked the MTS Centre. I saw several kababayans (fellow Filipinos). None of them I knew except for my friend Elaine and husband Myke who were seated on the other side of the court. We also saw Jordan, Ryan’s former basketball teammate.

During the first half of the game, the scores were pretty close. But by the third quarter, the Trailblazers were leading by over ten points. The Raptors started catching up during the last 43 seconds. That’s when the game became exciting. People were booing the Trailblazers every time they scored a basket, which I don’t really understand. When I watched my kids play in the league this Spring, the parents cheered the players not only in their team, but even the ones in the other team. I just think it’s rude to boo them. But I guess this is what people do at these basketball games. And oh boy, was Ryland hyped up! He was chanting and booing with the audience. He also thought that it was cool to do “the wave.” I did, too.

We wanted the Raptors to win but with less than a minute to play, it was hard to catch up. They ended up losing, 105-98. It was a good game, though. And a memorable one for us since it’s the first NBA game we ever watched. I wonder if Ryan still wants to go to L.A. to see the Lakers play. Hmmn.

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Failure can set us free

A couple of weeks ago, Brother Jorge said, “Failure can be one of the biggest blessings in life.” That is so true. We learn a lot from our failure or mistakes. And when we know better, we do better. And he gave that lecture at a most appropriate time.

Two days earlier, Ryan and I were discussing about the playoffs of his basketball league. At that time, his team was in seventh place out of nine teams. They were playing against the second place team in the first round of the playoffs. He was asking me different scenarios of what would happen if they win or lose against Team #2. At one point, he asked me, “What if we win against them?” Now, I’ve seen his team get clobbered by Team #2, a really good and experienced team. Even their coach told me when I talked to her on the phone that she didn’t think they’d win. So I said, “Ryan, do you really think you’ll win against Team #2? I don’t think so.” He got upset and said, “Because you!” Then he went upstairs. I just didn’t want him to have too much hope. I wanted to prepare him for disappointment yet I knew that I should have also encouraged him. I felt so guilty.

Later, I came upstairs and asked him if he was mad at me. Nakasimangot lang siya. I said that I was sorry. He forgave me quickly and he was in high spirits during the playoffs. And as in every game, he shone in the court on his last game and their team won against another team in vying for the seventh place.

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Good performances

It had been a very busy month – with the boys’ basketball practice two nights a week and games every Saturday. And then there was Reggie’s music stuff as well – band audition, Spring concert, recital and Flute Festival. Most of the time, the kids’ have conflicting schedules. R and I took turns in accompanying them to their activities. There were times when each of the boys wanted me instead of their dad. If I could only be at two places at once, I’d try to be there at all of their activities. (Ooops, be careful what you wish for nga pala.)

Sometimes I just felt so tired and worn out by the end of the week. But when I remember what Ryland’s Mother’s Day card said, “Thank you Mommy for coming to my basketball games,” that was enough to re-invigorate me.

I was a proud momma on Saturday. Each of my three kids did great…

On Game 8, Ryan shone in the court again. During the second half, he made a basket from a spot outside the free-throw line. We all cheered him. His teammate, Jordan, who was a lot bigger than him, was so happy that he (Jordan) picked up and carried Ryan. But the points didn’t count. Ryan shot the ball after the bell rang for the substitutes. That was too bad. But it didn’t matter. We won’t forget Ryan’s shining moment.

Ryland is getting more confident in playing basketball. At two times during Game 8, he got hold of the ball and I shouted from the bench, “Shoot it, Ryland.” He tried, but missed the basket on both times. That was a big improvement, though.

Reggie’s flute instructor, Lori, wrapped up her classes with a recital. Reggie played a Jazz piece that he improvised, titled, “A Night in Tunisia.” Lori was all praises for him. After the recital, the dad of one of the students came up to Reggie and said the he was impressed with Reggie’s performance, and more so when he learned that Reggie improvised his piece. He is really talented.

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Fair chance

I am not athletic and I don’t really follow sports. So who would have thought that you’d find me playing basketball in our driveway . Yup, that’s what I was doing one Sunday afternoon – playing basketball with Ryan and Ryland. Ryan laughed at me because he thought that I looked funny dribbling and passing the ball. When I let the two play on their own, Ryland got a little frustrated since Ryan is more experienced than him.

On Ryland’s team, one player, Drageep, stands out from the rest. On one game, I noticed that when Ryland had the ball in his hand, he passed it to Drageep even though he was closer to the basket. When I asked him later why he did that, he said, “Oh, because Drageep is good.” So I told him, “You have to try to shoot the ball if you’re closer to the basket.”

Also, the two coaches in his team have always been reminding the players to pass the ball to everybody. Everybody should have a fair chance at shooting the ball. The kids were passing only to the good players.

After five games, Ryland has improved a lot. He has become better at shooting and guarding the ball. He always tries to keep open, but the coaches still have to remind the kids to “Pass the ball to Ryland.” At one point during Game 6, Ryland was passed the ball and instead of bringing it up, he immediately passed it back to another player. One mom said, “He didn’t want to have that ball, did he?” I shook my head. He still lacks the confidence.

Ryland is in the 7-8 year old coed group. Scores are not kept for this group. But the kids play very competitively. There are times when a player gets pushed and fall. The referee will then come and ask if he/she is hurt. (Parents are not allowed to approach the court unless they are called.) Usually, the player is okay and will stand on his/her own and will then get an applause from the parents. Parents also applaud the players, whether from their own team or the opposing team, whenever they make a basket. After all, it’s not really about competition. These kids are there to have fun. And I think they always do every single week.

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