Impatiens vs Patience

Impatiens vs Patience

Impatiens vs Patience – These pretty #purple #flowers are called#Impatiens. This hybrid is called #Sunpatiens and these are to thrive in full sun, but I have mine in partial shade, as it gets very hot and humid out there.

The name of these flowers remind me of the word #patience. I remember telling my youngest son, “I am the most patient person I’ve ever known.” As if I was tooting my own horn.  After all, “Patience is a virtue.” Right? I’m pretty sure that there are plenty of people who are more patient than me. But I think those who know me will agree that I am a very patient person.  Being a parent, you learn how to be patient – teaching your child how to eat, talk, walk, become independent, etc. You also learn how to be patient in your relationship with other people – other family members, significant other, friends, co-workers, etc. You also learn how to be patient in handling different situations.

Here’s another quote about patience – I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures. – Lao Tzu


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Amanda’s Beauty Salon

I have been going to Amanda’s Beauty Salon for about 20 years now. I have had a good relationship with previous owner Amanda, professionally and personally. When she retired and sold her business 3 years ago, I wondered if I had to shop around for another hair stylist. But she only had good recommendations for the new owner, Trang. So I continued going there. It’s been 3 years now, and I still go there.

Trang is a very good hair stylist and I can say that we get along very well too. A visit to the salon doesn’t mean just getting my hair done, but it has also become sort of a visit to a friend. Trang and I always have stories to share with each other and sometimes we laugh while I sit at her chair whether just getting a haircut or getting highlights, or both. 🙂 No wonder her clientele has slowly grown. She’s a good hair stylist and a good friend as well. A very nice lady.

She accepts appointments and walk-ins at her North Kildonan salon.

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Prime Rib & Baby Back Ribs @ Silver Heights Restaurant


Silver Heights Restaurant is celebrating their 60th anniversary this year.  When I saw the article on the paper, I marked the first weekend of June to visit and try their famous ribs.

My partner ordered the Roast prime rib of beef with Yorkshire pudding, rice pilaf and coleslaw.  The beef was tender and juicy and the rice (I had a few spoonfuls) was crunchy. 🙂


I ordered the Chicken, Ribs and Shrimp Combo.  The barbecued baby back ribs were falling off-the-bone tender.  The honey garlic chicken wings were okay.  I enjoyed the honey dill dipping sauce for the chicken fingers.  And of course, I’ve always loved breaded shrimps.  I just wish there were more than 4 pieces of shrimp.

They had a limited menu today because there was a special event – a social – going on for long-time patrons.  We were only let in because our reservation was accepted by mistake when we called earlier this week.  But the very nice manager gracefully accommodated us.  It actually worked in our favour because they had good deals on the limited menu.  It was just too bad that they didn’t have the jumbo shrimp that I was looking forward to.  My partner was happy to hear the Bagpipe band play some traditional Scottish tunes though. 🙂

This family owned restaurant is located at 2169 Portage Avenue.   You can visit their website at

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Empanada Lunch @ Corrientes Pizzeria

It’s my birthday today and since I had the afternoon off, I took my Ma out to lunch.  It’s my belated Mother’s Day treat for her. 🙂  A while back, Diane from work, has mentioned about the empanadas at this place called Corrientes at Bannatyne Avenue and how she really liked the empanadas.  So I thought I’d try them and that’s where I took Ma for lunch today.

We went there at around 1:00 pm, after the mid-day mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral.  I had checked the day before if I needed to make a reservation.  The girl, who was our server today, said that it should be okay if we were coming at 1:00 p.m. since it is after the lunch rush hour.  There wasn’t a lot of diners at that time, and we chose our own table, somewhere in the middle of the main room.

We studied the items on the menu and we both chose the Empanada lunch (you get 2 empanadas of any flavour ) with side salad.  Ma ordered the Beef empanadas (beef, onions, olives and roasted red peppers) while I opted for the Chicken empanadas (chicken, tomato sauce, onions and roasted peppers).  Then we swapped empanadas so we could each try both flavours.  The empanada filling was not greasy nor salty, just how I like it.

For the salad, we both ordered the Olmedo salad with Artisan greens, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, croutons, Bocconcini and balsamic reduction.  This salad was very savoury.  We both like the sundried tomatoes.  Now this is funny.  There was a white meaty ingredient in our salad which I thought could have been chicken, but then I thought it doesn’t quite taste like chicken.  It was kind of bland to be chicken.  Could it be some kind of cheese – feta or goat cheese – they put those in salads, don’t they?  And Ma was like, could be some kind of animal. (?)  Eww!  So before she actually took a bite of the white meaty stuff, she called our server and asked her.  That’s a kind of cheese called bocconcini, she said.  So there you go.  Tastes kind of like chicken, not salty at all.  The chocolate-looking drizzle on top of the salad, I found out later after looking it up on Google, is the balsamic reduction, and it is what has added a sweet taste to the salad.  I like it.

I ordered green tea for my drinks – big leaves steeped in hot water.  I think I let my tea sit too long, it was quite bitter. 😦

I am a light eater and I was full after eating one empanada and the bowl of salad.  I asked our server to put the other empanada in a doggy bag. It was a nice post-Mother’s Day/Birthday lunch!


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Long week-end project

I originally planned to use the light green trim. But I wanted a more dramatic effect, so I opted for the dark green. It took me a while to figure out how to put everything together. I wanted to be able to remove the bows when I wash the covers. I came up with the sewed on loop fastened by a button. I hope the reinforcements at the back will be enough to hold the heavy double bows. I finished the end of the strips by hand. I’m happy with the result. 🙂

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Christmas Projects

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Candy Corn Jello Desserts


I made this Jello dessert last week when my oldest son threw a surprise birthday party for his GF.  Since it was the day before Halloween, I made a halloween-themed dessert – not a creepy-looking one, but a fun and delightful one. 🙂  I found my inspiration on this website and a made a few variations.  I used plastic wine glasses.

motts_margarita-2  shots1a


1 170 g package lemon Jell-O

Mott’s Mr. & Mrs. T Margarita Mix (I think pineapple juice will work as well)

1 170 g package orange Jell-O

1 300 ml can sweetened condensed milk

2 envelopes unflavored gelatin

whipped cream

candy corn or gummy candy (fuzzy peach)


1. Combine lemon Jell-O and 2.5 cups hot water in a large bowl. Stir. Add 1.5 cups margarita mix. Stir. Use a spoon to fill your wine glasses 1/3 of the way. Place in the fridge to set for 2 hours.

2. Combine orange Jell-O and 2.5 cups hot water in a large bowl. Stir. Add 1.5 cups margarita mix. Stir. Use a spoon to fill your wine glasses 2/3 of the way. Place in the fridge to set for 2 hours.

3. Combine 2 envelopes unflavored gelatin and 1.5 cups hot water in a large bowl. Stir until the gelatin has dissolved. Mix in sweetened condensed milk. Stir. Use a spoon to fill your wine glasses to the top. Place in the fridge to set for 2 hours.

4. Top Jello-O desserts with whipped cream and candy corn or gummy candy. Serves 20.


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