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Why I love Ugly Betty

Betty Suarez Land episode

Betty Suarez Land Episode

Friday night finds me watching this week’s episode of Ugly Betty with the kids while we are having supper. During the first 15 minutes, Alexis reveals to Daniel that he isn’t Daniel Jr.’s father. She is. “Oh, he was a boy,” my 14-year old asks. “Yeah,” I reply. Then Daniel punches his sister in the face. Within the next half hour or so, Betty’s sister, Hilda, makes out with Coach Diaz and when he leaves Betty’s apartment, his wife appears from hiding. And then, I realize, maybe it isn’t such a good idea to let the kids watch it with me. They know I love Ugly Betty so much. Will they think it’s because of these topics being portrayed on screen? What values am I trying to impart to them by letting them watch this?

But as the show progresses, I start to remember why I love Ugly Betty.

First, there’s Daniel, Betty’s boss, who’s trying to hide DJ from his grandparents who came to America to pick up their grandson and return to France with him. They explain to Daniel that since they lost their daughter, he is all they have. But Daniel has learned to love DJ and wants to run away with him. And then later Betty asks him, “Are they awful people?” Daniel says, “No, not at all.” Then Betty says, “Two nice people show up to get their grandson and all of a sudden, you want to be an international fugitive.” Betty continues, “Sometimes when we want something really bad, we forget that there are other people involved. We just get stuck in our own little worlds and it doesn’t matter what other people feel… except that it … it does matter.”

That’s when Betty finally realizes why Gio thinks that she lives in Betty Suarez Land. Gio thinks that she broke up with him to make her life better. Betty thinks that she’s making him feel better when she said that they can still be friends. But he is hurt and that’s why he wants to ban her from Gio’s Deli and from his life.

But later on, after spending the day with Betty, after “breathing the same air,” Gio realizes that he can tolerate being with her even though she had hurt her. He admits to Betty, “I guess it was stupid banning you from my life.” “No,” she says, “it’s not stupid. Not if that’s what you feel.” And then he says, “I watch you at work, swimming with those sharks at Mode (magazine), keeping Daniel’s head above water. I don’t blame you for choosing yourself.” Because you see, last season, Betty was torn between Henry, who proposed to her, and Gio, who asked her to come to Rome with him. But she chose neither and she went hiking the Grand Canyon and climbing Mt. Yomesite by herself.

Then there’s Hilda. She’s been seeing Tony Diaz whom she later finds out is still married. But he says that he’s breaking up with the wife. Tony makes Hilda happy and she hangs on to that promise. But the wife shows up at her parlour and tells her that although they have drifted apart, she still loves her husband. All she wants is a second chance in her marriage. Hilda breaks it off with Tony because she once lost that second chance herself. And who’s the first person to hug and comfort her? Her dad, Ignacio, who has been opposed to the relationship all along.

And speaking of familial love, Claire Mead goes through such lengths as giving away her daughter’s share of the magazine to the evil Wilhelmina Slater just so her daughter could get out of jail. And when Willie reminds her that it might make Daniel mad, she says, “Daniel and Alexis have had their differences, but at the end of the day, they’re still brother and sister. And that’s all that really matters.”

It is all that matters, right? Inspite of all our differences with family members, we still stick up with each other. Sometimes, it may seem that we want to tear each other’s eyes out, but we know that in the end, we will find a way to settle our differences, if not, at least accept them.

To sum it all up, let me just end with this quote from Alexis, “Thanks, mom, for always being there, for never judging me.” I think that says it all. Nothing can compare to a parent’s love.

And that’s why I love Ugly Betty and why this is one of my favourite episodes. Not only can I relate to how the characters feel (characters like Hilda, Betty, Claire or even Ignatio. And in my life, I’ve had known a Daniel Meade or a Wilhelmina Slater, or a DJ), but amidst all the chaos and all the mistakes the characters make, they do redeem themselves in some way or another. And I guess that is not such a bad lesson to teach the kids.


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Work Ethics

This past week’s episode of The Office deals with Work Ethics.

When Holly, the HR at Scranton branch of Dundler Mifflin, holds a seminar on Work Ethics, the employees are encouraged to give examples of bad ethics. The shocker of them all is Meredith’s confession that she sleeps with one of the supplier’s rep so she could get a discount, and also steak coupons. And that she’s been sleeping with him for six years now. Holly thinks this could be a reason for Meredith’s termination. But Michael doesn’t like that. He tries to negotiate with Holly. And in the end, Corporate decides not to fire Meredith since she’s helping the company save money at a tough time. Now, only in a sitcom like The Office does that happen, am I right? 🙂

One of the bad ethics that came up at the seminar is time theft – stealing company time. It’s really funny how Jim has been annoying Dwight, setting up his timer when Dwight lets out a long yawn or listens to his conversation with Andy, just trying to prove to Dwight that he does use company time for personal use. 🙂

Now, aren’t we all guilty of stealing company time? I can be all prude and say that I don’t blog or surf the internet at work. That’s true, but I have to admit that I’m guilty of stealing company time once in a while. Like chatting with my girl friend(s) or family members on the phone during work hours, or going to mentioned girl friend(s)’ desk(s) to chat while the supervisor isn’t looking. 🙂 But in my defense, I don’t do that a lot. And I try to limit the visiting during break times, although sometimes it takes more than the alloted ten minutes. But in fairness also, if I feel that these distractions have affected my productivity for that day, I do stay an extra 10-15 minutes. So please don’t tell on me. 🙂

What about you, are you also guilty of stealing company time? What other bad work ethics are you guilty of?

TV Quotes of the Week:

(I apologize to the ladies, but I just can’t pass this one up.)

“Women are often variable. Only madmen believe them.”

~ King of France to King Henry VIII, on his wife and sister changing their minds on meeting Henry’s mistress, Lady Anne. THE TUDORS.


Betty: Is it really naive to want to believe in people?

Dad Ignacio: That’s not being naive, mija. That’s faith.

UGLY BETTY. This is when Betty’s having second thoughts on boss Daniel’s innocence in pushing her pregnant friend, Christina on the stairs.

And the ending of that episode was also a shocker. Daniel’s not the father of Daniel Jr. It’s his sister, Alexis. She fathered the boy when she was still a man. But don’t you admire Daniel more now? He’s stepping up as a dad and fighting to keep DJ even if he’s not the real father. Aww!

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More Quotable Quotes – 2008 TV Season Premiere

Desperate Housewives

“Women only have five seconds to be young and beautiful and then it’s gone. And then before you know it, we’re old and fat, married and wondering where our beauty went.”

~ Former model Gabby to husband Carlos Solis, on facing their daughter’s weight problem.

“Well, maybe I don’t deserve to be happy.”

~ Susan to new lover, Jackson, on why she didn’t want to be in a relationship.

(OMG, I sometimes say that line to myself. But hearing it from Susan, it sounds pathetic. Of course, each one of us deserves to be happy.)

Brothers & Sisters

“Nobody can slide the knife between the ribs quite like the people who love us.”

~ Robert McCallister to Sarah Walker, on apologizing to her sister Kitty.

The Tudors

Sir Thomas More: If the lion knows his own strength, no man could control him.

(He was referring to King Henry VIII.)


Anne Boleyn: It’s so hard when we’re to be married but she is still here. You can’t have three people in a marriage. Why can’t you see that?

King Henry VIII: And why can’t you understand that I have more things to think about than shirts.

(This is when Anne finds out that Queen Catherine is still making Henry’s shirts. Henry promised Anne that he and the queen aren’t intimate anymore since he wanted to annul his marriage to Catherine so he could marry Anne. Doesn’t this remind you of another famous Royal triangle? 🙂 )


Queen Catherine of Aragon: Henry, not for our daugther, nor for anyone, would I dream of leaving you. You know my rightful place is by your side.

(Now, doesn’t that sound more pathetic than Susan?)


King Henry VIII: A happy marriage is devoutly something to be wished for.

(Then he turns to Charles Brandon to talk to Queen Catherine about leaving the palace. When Charles came back … )

Charles Brandon: She said that she’ll obey Your Majesty in everything save for her obedience to two higher powers.

King Henry VIII: Which two higher powers – the Pope and the Emperor?

Charles Brandon: No, God and her conscience.

(Now, that’s what I’m talking about Catherine. 🙂 )

Pushing Daisies

“Somebody always loving somebody they shouldn’t be loving.”

~ Private Detective Emerson Cod, on workplace romance.

“Oh, whoa, hold that pregnant pause. I’m not with child, unless it’s immaculate conception, or I wore a strange man’s underwear.”

~ Olive Snook to Mother Superior when she thought that Olive was pregnant that’s why she’s hiding in the nunnery.

“Sometimes bad things just happen.”

~ Betty Bee to Chuck, aka Kitty Pimms, on how all her bees supposedly died.

“And so the piemaker had come to understand. Home did not mean four walls and a door you never walk out of. Home was a feeling of where you belong.

~Narrator at the end of the episode, on Ned (the piemaker) finally letting go of Chuck and accepting her desire to move out.

Ugly Betty

“Daniel, anything you truly want, has to be worth fighting for.”

~ Betty to boss Daniel Meade, on convincing him to go back to work at Mode Magazine.

(Okay, this is from the second episode. But that’s one reason I like Betty. She’s loyal to Daniel and she’s just so beautiful inside. Okay, that’s two reasons. 🙂 )

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My 2008 TV Season Premiere Favourite Quotes

Dancing with the Stars

“Mind your cleavage.”

~ Judge Len Goodman to celebrity contestant Cloris Leachman when she flashed him her cleavage.

The Big Bang Theory

“Well, I assume you’re referring to digestive regularity. Because I’ve come to learn that such inquiries are inappropriate.”

~ Sheldon to Penny when she asked him if the brainiac Leonard has ever dated a regular girl.

How I Met Your Mother

“I don’t want to be Robin’s boyfriend. I just want to be with her. All the time. I want to hear about her day and tell her about mine. I want to hold her hand and smell her hair. But I don’t want to be her stupid boyfriend.”

~ Womanizer Barney to friend Lily, on being in love with Robin.

The Office

“I lost four pounds. I don’t know what those other fools were doing but I lost four pounds.”

~ Stanley, on how his officemates lost only one pound as a group on week 4 of the weight loss challenge.

“What is wrong with these people? They have no willpower. I once went 28 years without having sex. And then again for 7 years.”

~ Michael Scott, on how his officemates lost only one pound as a group on week 4 of the weight loss challenge.

Ugly Betty

“Growing up isn’t about making the right decisions. It’s about dealing with the decisions you’ve made and picking yourself up.”

~ Ignacio Suarez to daughter Betty, on moving out and getting her own apartment.

“Take a leap. Don’t be afraid to fall flat on your face.”

~ Betty to Kimmie, when the former mean girl was feeling bad about herself.

(This quote made a lot of sense while I was watching the show. But now that I think about it, I think Betty was just trying to get even with Kimmie, wanting her to fall flat on her face. 🙂 )


“I have no interest in money. Money won’t show me my destiny. I saved the world … twice. Now look at me, a man without a quest. All I do is sit here bored. It’s not like destiny is going to come knocking at my door.” (Then someone knocks at the door. 🙂 )

~ Hiro to Ando, on taking over his late father’s business.

“I don’t feel anything. It didn’t hurt. There’s no pain. I heal. But I always feel everything. It hurts the same as it would for anyone else, but not this time. That pain. I’m always so grateful for. Because it’s the only time I know I’m still human.”

~ Claire Bennett to mom Sandra, when she cut her hand on a piece of broken glass.


“We all have something that we need to hide. But it’s alright. It will get better.”

~ Clark Kent to Beth, a 15-year old meteor freak who blew up a bus and her friend.

(This is actually from the second episode.)

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Theo Tams – My Canadian Idol

Season 6 is the first time I’ve watched Canadian Idol from start to finish. There were a few contestants that made quite an impression on me since the beginning and Theo Tams was one of them. He was the guy who had sweat stains on his shirt on the day of his audition. “I’m so nervous,” he said. But as Zack Warner said on the final show, “It’s okay to let them see you sweat when you become the next Canadian Idol.” 🙂

I have been rooting for him and I love each and every one of his performances. He has such a great voice and he is so good on the piano. Not only that, this music student is so humble and he does volunteer work and considers his work in an orphanage in India to be his biggest accomplishment in life.

Here’s Theo Tams, the new Canadian Idol, singing Weak in the Knees

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Smitten by David

Thanks to youtube, I’ve had the chance of watching David Archuleta’s audition on American Idol and also the songs that he sang on the first few weeks of Season 7. I missed those since I only started watching this season when they were down to the top 12. I’ve added some of his songs to my favourites and it seems that lately, every time I go on the computer, I’ll be downloading one of his songs. And I always find myself saying, “I still think he should have won.” At first, my youngest son would be interested when he hears the song that I’m downloading. But after hearing it more than once, he would say, “It hurts my ears already.” 🙂 My poor kids.

I think his Apologize duet with One Republic is hot! I like his rendition of Imagine and Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me very much. And I also found Clay Aiken’s video of Don’t Let the Sun. I’ve forgotten that he also sang it on Season 2. I’m a fan of Clay, too. 🙂

I found this video of David at 13 years old singing Imagine. Even then, he was already so good and he was singing with so much emotion.

The host referred to him as the Soul Man from Utah, Mini-Motown monster, Singing Prodigy.

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My favourite reality show contestants

apolo and julianneMy favourite reality shows are coming to an end this season.  One of the shows I watch is Dancing with the Stars.  Boy, is this the best season yet so far?  All three celebrity contestants left are good dancers, Joey, Laila and Apolo.  I’m rooting for Apolo.  He’s so flexible and dances like a pro.  I don’t care if Len deducted a point for their “raunchy” tango.  I loved it!

So last night when I was tucking my nine-year old, Ryland, into bed, I told him that his favourites, Ian and Cheryl got voted out.  Next thing I knew, he was crying.  I didn’t understand at first why he was crying.  I thought that I must have hugged him too tight or kicked him accidentally.  I later on found out that it was because his favourites were voted off.  Isn’t that sweet?

melinda, blake, jordinI was quite happy when it was Melinda, Blake and Jordin that made it to the final three in Season 6 of American Idol.  They could all sing.  But I really thought that Melinda would win, or at least be in the final two.  So I was really surprised when she was voted off tonight.  I agree with the judges that she has been the most consistent singer throughout the whole season.  I’m not a singer but I think she was the best singer this season. She has been my favourite and I admire her humility and I have been rooting for her ever since.  But why didn’t she win?  Of course, it was America’s choice.  So was America voting based on looks, age, or perhaps personality?  Yes, Melinda lacked the self-confidence at the start, but she gained it towards the end.

Yau-ManAnother favourite contestant that didn’t make it to the finals was Yau-Man.  This guy surprised me when he did well at the darts and arrow challenge and when he made one of the most conversial deal in Survivor history.  When he won a truck in one of the reward challenges, he made a deal with Dreamz.  He knew that Dreamz doesn’t have a car and he wanted one badly. He offered him the truck, in exchange, should he and Dreamz make it to the final four and Dreamz won immunity, that Dreamz would give it up to Yau.  Dreamz accepted.  But Dreamz backstabbed him and voted Yau-Man off.  It’s true that although Dreamz didn’t win, he has ouwitted, outplayed and outlasted Yau-Man but I still think that Yau-Man played the best game.  At the reunion show, Yau-Man said that he has no hard feelings against Dreamz.  And how can you not love this guy.  He said, “I only have one mantra in life: Love many, trust few and do wrong to none.”

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