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My 2008 TV Season Premiere Favourite Quotes

Dancing with the Stars

“Mind your cleavage.”

~ Judge Len Goodman to celebrity contestant Cloris Leachman when she flashed him her cleavage.

The Big Bang Theory

“Well, I assume you’re referring to digestive regularity. Because I’ve come to learn that such inquiries are inappropriate.”

~ Sheldon to Penny when she asked him if the brainiac Leonard has ever dated a regular girl.

How I Met Your Mother

“I don’t want to be Robin’s boyfriend. I just want to be with her. All the time. I want to hear about her day and tell her about mine. I want to hold her hand and smell her hair. But I don’t want to be her stupid boyfriend.”

~ Womanizer Barney to friend Lily, on being in love with Robin.

The Office

“I lost four pounds. I don’t know what those other fools were doing but I lost four pounds.”

~ Stanley, on how his officemates lost only one pound as a group on week 4 of the weight loss challenge.

“What is wrong with these people? They have no willpower. I once went 28 years without having sex. And then again for 7 years.”

~ Michael Scott, on how his officemates lost only one pound as a group on week 4 of the weight loss challenge.

Ugly Betty

“Growing up isn’t about making the right decisions. It’s about dealing with the decisions you’ve made and picking yourself up.”

~ Ignacio Suarez to daughter Betty, on moving out and getting her own apartment.

“Take a leap. Don’t be afraid to fall flat on your face.”

~ Betty to Kimmie, when the former mean girl was feeling bad about herself.

(This quote made a lot of sense while I was watching the show. But now that I think about it, I think Betty was just trying to get even with Kimmie, wanting her to fall flat on her face. 🙂 )


“I have no interest in money. Money won’t show me my destiny. I saved the world … twice. Now look at me, a man without a quest. All I do is sit here bored. It’s not like destiny is going to come knocking at my door.” (Then someone knocks at the door. 🙂 )

~ Hiro to Ando, on taking over his late father’s business.

“I don’t feel anything. It didn’t hurt. There’s no pain. I heal. But I always feel everything. It hurts the same as it would for anyone else, but not this time. That pain. I’m always so grateful for. Because it’s the only time I know I’m still human.”

~ Claire Bennett to mom Sandra, when she cut her hand on a piece of broken glass.


“We all have something that we need to hide. But it’s alright. It will get better.”

~ Clark Kent to Beth, a 15-year old meteor freak who blew up a bus and her friend.

(This is actually from the second episode.)


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He’s so dramatic

This is how it usually goes when I tuck my 10-year old son into bed.

Me: Okay Ryland, I can only stay for five minutes. I still have things to do.

Him: Oh, but I have to tell you my story, remember?

Me: Okay, but I’ll leave after you tell me your story.

So after about half an hour, I’m already itching to go to finish cleaning up in the kitchen or put away the laundry so I can finally sit down and watch TV or read my book.

Me: Two more minutes and I really have to go now.

Him: What? And leave your son in this cold dark place?


And of course I’ll end up staying a few more minutes.

So I wasn’t surprised when he came home from school one day and told me…

Him: Mommy, Mrs. Papa (not her real name) said I’m so dramatic. What does that mean?


Me: Dramatic. It comes from the word drama. You know what actors do when they act? They express their emotions. Like when they’re happy, you can see from their face that they’re happy. Or when they’re sad, or angry, you know.

Him: Yeah, yeah, I get it now.

Me: How come? Why did Mrs. Papa say you’re so dramatic?

Him: Because in Math, we have problem solving and I mixed up the numbers. Then I asked her if I have to do it all over again and she said yes. And then I said, hhaahh (he let out a sigh). And then she said, you’re so dramatic.


And he is. I can relate a few more instances, but I want to keep this post short. 🙂 I told him that he should sign up for Drama Club. But he wouldn’t. He thinks that it’s lame. I told him that I’d watch him perform. But I couldn’t convince him. 🙂

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Bahala ka

Although I have gone back to work at the office, I still prepare breakfast for my three boys. Even with my limited time in the morning, I try to have something warm for them to eat. They like rice and eggs and so they have that every other day, and in between, they either have pancakes, waffles, instant noodle soup or sometimes just cereal.

The other night, I was asking my 14-year-old son what he wanted for breakfast in the morning. I noticed that lately, he didn’t want rice and egg anymore. He also didn’t like the instant noodle soup that morning because it had been sitting for about 15 minutes when I called him down for breakfast. He wanted it just out of the stove, while it’s still piping hot and before the noodles had gotten fatter. But I was running late that morning and I wanted to finish what I had to do in the kitchen before I went upstairs to blow dry my hair and get dressed for work.

Me: So what do you want for breakfast then?

Him: Cereal. (In his usual irreverent tone.)

Me: Hmph. Bahala ka.

Him: Bahalaka. What does bahalaka mean? (He said it like it’s just one word. 🙂 )

Me: You’re on your own. Whatever you want to eat.

Him: Why do Filipino words always have h, l, k? It’s hard to say. And there’s always ka. Boo-lak-lak. What does that mean?

Me: Oh, you mean my beautiful flowers?

Him: Why do you even buy flowers? They just die anyway. (Ouch)

Me: To make the house look beautiful.

Him: We don’t even see them here inside.

Me: Well, so the people outside can see them.

Yeah. It’s getting colder here in Winnipeg and my beautiful flowers (bulaklak) are starting to die. He does have a point though. I spend money on those flowers every summer. They’re only good for about three to four months and then they start to wither and die around this time of the year.

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Theo Tams – My Canadian Idol

Season 6 is the first time I’ve watched Canadian Idol from start to finish. There were a few contestants that made quite an impression on me since the beginning and Theo Tams was one of them. He was the guy who had sweat stains on his shirt on the day of his audition. “I’m so nervous,” he said. But as Zack Warner said on the final show, “It’s okay to let them see you sweat when you become the next Canadian Idol.” 🙂

I have been rooting for him and I love each and every one of his performances. He has such a great voice and he is so good on the piano. Not only that, this music student is so humble and he does volunteer work and considers his work in an orphanage in India to be his biggest accomplishment in life.

Here’s Theo Tams, the new Canadian Idol, singing Weak in the Knees

September 11, 2008 at 8:55 pm 4 comments

A penny for your thoughts

Who says pennies are useless? I’ve read reports of pennies being abolished.

At home, we keep our pennies in this tin container. This is where my youngest son takes his pennies to put in his Penny Power bag. His catechism class has a Penny Power Project that encourages the students to bring pennies in a Ziploc bag every Saturday. The pennies collected from the school are then sent to the village of Loma Linda in El Salvador and help with the children’s schooling there.

Once in a while, I’d also dig in this container when money is tight. Like now. After spending a lot on tuition fees, school supplies and new clothes for the kids, I’m broke. It’s true what they say. After Christmas, school opening is the next most expensive season.

After rolling all those pennies, nickels and dimes, I counted $9.00. I’m bringing these to the bank tomorrow. That’s gonna make my purse heavy.

Would you just throw $9.00 away? That can buy us a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread.

That loose change will stay in the container until we can collect enough to roll them, or when I find myself broke again. 😦

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