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My 2007 Summer Movies – Part 1

I seldom go to the theatres.  It’s just so darn expensive.  So during the summer when my schedule is more lax, I rent DVDs and try to catch up with the movies that catch my fancy.

I used to write lengthy posts about the movies that I have seen, how they move me and how I can relate to the characters.  But now, I don’t have the time to do that.

But I still want to share with you some of the movies that I have seen.  Here are just a few of them.  I’ve listed the first thing/s that caught my attention to each movie.  I’ve also written a very short summary, and/or some of the memorable quotes.

Little Children

Little Children – Kate Winslet.  As I’ve told my 9-year old son, the title is Little Children but it is not good for small children.  The movie is rated R.  Yes, this is one of the movies where she gets naked.

This is a story about married couples in a small suburban town.  Sarah (Kate Winslet) is a stay-at-home mom. She meets Brad (Patrick Wilson), a stay-at-home dad, at the playground and they had an affair.  The plot also includes a story about Ronnie (Jackie Earle Haley), a phedophile who just got out of prison.  Larry (Noah Emmerich), an ex-cop, is intent on making Ronnie’s life miserable.  But here’s the thing.  Ronnie may have exposed himself to a child years ago, but Larry has shot and killed a teen-ager.  The twist at the end, of what happened to Ronnie and Larry, is unexpected and a little disturbing.  But it is all good.

My favourite quotes:

This is during one of the book club meetings about Madame Bovary.  Sarah thinks that the main character is a feminist.

Mary Ann:  Oh that’s nice.  So now cheating on your husband makes you a feminist?

Sarah:  No no no.  It’s not the cheating.  It’s the hunger – the hunger for an alternative and refusal to accept a life of unhappiness.

Narrator at the end of the movie:
He knew that Ronnie had done some bad things in the past, but so had Larry.  You couldn’t change the past.  But the future could be a different story.  And it had to start somewhere.

Thank You For Smoking

Thank You For Smoking – I only rented this one because it stars Katie Holmes.  I mostly read bad reviews about Katie’s acting but I think she’s alright, not great, but alright.  I’ve been a fan of her since her Dawson’s Creek days.  And I happen to think that she has this classic beauty.  Well, anyway, the movie is about Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart), who is the chief spokesman for Big Tobacco and his job is to defend smokers and cigarette makers.  And he’s very good at his job.  But how can he continue to do his job and still be a role model to his 12-year old son?  The son, by the way, I immediately recognized as the same actor who played the boy in the movie Birth, Cameron Bright.

The Lake House

The Lake House – A feel good movie.  Kate (Sandra Bullock) and Alex (Keanu Reeves) are exchanging letters through this mail box in a lake house, a house that they both occupied, him, two years ago, and her, just recently moved out of.  They’re exchanging letters at the present, but his present is 2004 and hers is 2006.  It is sort of a time travel but not really.  I have a thing with this though.  I think it’s not good to change anything that happened in the past.  The past is done.  Don’t try to change it.  Although this movie makes you feel good about it.

The Last Kiss

The Last Kiss – “Well it’s very simple… do whatever it takes.”  This is what Stephen (Tom Wilkinson) told Michael (Zach Braff) when the latter said that he’d do anything to get the former’s daughter, Jenna, back.

When Michael learns that Jenna (Jacinda Barrett), his girlfriend of three years is pregnant, he worries that his life is over and he sleeps with a younger girl.  But he realizes his mistake and does everything it takes to get Jenna back.  And you’d think that a 30-something man has already matured and he does something stupid like that.  Will you be able to forgive this guy and take him back?

Notes on a Scandal

Notes on a Scandal – “We are bound by the secrets we share.”

Barbara (Judi Dench), a schoolteacher who is close to retirement writes in her diary about Sheba (Cate Blanchett), a younger and attractive woman, also a teacher who has recently joined the faculty.  Barbara befriends Sheba, the former reaching out to her and the latter confiding in her. But when Barbara saw Sheba having sex with one of her 15-year old students, she saw an opportunity to blackmail her and Sheba later finds out that Barbara has a sexual interest in her.

I think the combination of the two actors is a real treat.  Great performances.

The Zodiac

The Zodiac – Jake Gyllenhaal. I like him. 🙂

Unforgettable quote:

Not many people have basements in California.

A newspaper cartoonist becomes obsessed with a killer who named himself Zodiac and ends up writing a book about him.  The tagline ~ There’s more than one way to lose your life to a killer.  This movie shows us how the obsession with this killer has affected the lives of his leading investigators.

Daphne of My Little Moments wrote a very good review of this film.


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Garage Sale

 garage sale

This is another shameless plugging.

To those who are in Winnipeg, I am holding a garage sale this weekend. 

Friday, August 24, 2007, 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Saturday, August 25, 2007, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

I am in the North Kildonan area. 

I am selling used clothes, shoes, books, bags, picture frames, children’s items, Halloween costumes, toys, and many more.

If you are interested, please leave a comment and I will e-mail you the address.

garage sale

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Awards time

I have been given a handful of awards by some respected bloggers.  And I am quite honoured to receive these awards and sometimes I wonder if I really deserve them.  But if they think that I do, then, I must.  I’m supposed to tag five other bloggers for each award, but since I’m already late in posting this and seeing that the bloggers I want to tag have also been given these awards, I am honouring the bloggers who passed them on to me instead to show my appreciation.

First award I received was from Ipanema.

Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award 

Who would have thought that this 40-something mom rocks, huh?

Here’s what she wrote about me:

“I think she is one of those who don’t get mad. I just feel it. Am I right? I love her family-oriented blog. She is also one of those fortunate women who work at home. How I wish I could do that.”

My friends also used to have that perception of me, that I don’t get mad.  They said that I was always smiling, and they wouldn’t know if I was mad because for all they knew, I would still be smiling if I was mad.  Lagi daw akong nakabungisngis.  But of course, I do get mad.  And my friends also know this now.  Although I could still joke about whatever makes me mad. 🙂

I give this award back to Ipanema because I think she’s a cool mom.  Raising two teenage boys on her own now since her husband passed away last year and she chooses to talk about it although it’s painful.  She welcomes any blogger who would give her comfort and advice.  And because of this, I think she rocks! 

Pining has also bestowed me with this award.  Here’s what she wrote about me:

” … for her honest account on how it is to live in Canada. I also love her blow by blow account of the places she and her family have been to; I feel as if she’s taking me with her journeys and for that she certainly rocks!”

I give this award back to Pining because she also definitely rocks.  For she also writes so honestly in her blog.  She lives in England with her gorgeous husband and two lovely boys.  She’ll tell you about what she thinks about certain movies, songs, celebrities, who she has a crush on, in, I’m imagining, her bloody English accent.  I also learn a lot of British vocabulary in her posts.  Not only does she write about her family in England, but she also writes about her family back home in the Philippines and she writes so honestly about her feelings about her father and also her brother who passed away a few years ago.
Toe has also given me an award.

Thinking Blogger Award 

Here’s what she wrote about me, in Tagalog:

Isa siya sa magagaling na ina na nagsusulat sa blogosphere. Ang kanyang blog ay isa sa mga una kong binasa. Nagsusulat siya tungkol sa kanyang tatlong kagigiliw-giliw na mga lalaking anak. Ang katotohanan, inaral ko ang kanyang blog para matuto mag-blog. Niceheart, ikaw ay wagi!”

Toe has already mentioned before that she studied my blog to learn how to blog herself.  When I started blogging, that’s what I also did.  I read and took notes on how other bloggers did it.  Anyway, I’m glad that I have helped her somehow. And look at her now.  She’s one of the well-liked bloggers in the blogosphere.  Readers flock to her blog not only because of the topics she writes about but also because of the amusing and entertaining ways she writes them.  Just take that post for example.  She wrote it in Tagalog to give it a different twist.  And you can just feel how she couldn’t contain her excitement because her Honey just came back from the Philippines, after two months of stay there.  It’s up to you to guess what reason she was most happy about.  Was it because her Honey was back in her loving arms?  Or was it because her Honey could now cook for her?  Or was it because her Honey finally brought her a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?  See, it makes you think.  And for that reason, I give her the Thinking Blogger Award.

Ipanema gave me another award.

Thoughtful Blogger Award
Here’s the definition of a thoughtful blogger:

“For those who answer blog comments, emails, and make their visitors feel at home on their blogs. For the people who take others feelings into consideration before speaking out and who are kind and courteous. Also for all of those bloggers who spend so much of their time helping other bloggers design, improve, and fix their sites. This award is for those generous bloggers who think of others.”

Ipanema’s definitely one thoughtful blogger.  She answers all blog comments.  And as much as I try, I don’t always do.  She’s one of those bloggers who take others feelings into consideration.  She talks about different topics in her blog, usually those that involve social issues and which I don’t usually comment on because I don’t think I am as well versed as she is on those ones.  Every weekend, she posts her Sunday Thoughts in which she shares more about her personal life.  And those are the ones I usually look forward to and can relate.  For we are about the same age and we are both raising teenage boys.  She also leaves comments in my blog, thoughtful and caring comments and for that I give her back this Thoughtful Blogger Award.

And this doesn’t mean that these are the only bloggers who rock, who are thoughtful, and who makes me think.  I actually think that most of the visitors of my blog also rock, are thoughtful and make me think.  So I hand over these awards to you, too. 🙂

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Reading and Watching Harry Potter

Warning:  Spoilers ahead.  If you haven’t read the fifth, sixth and seventh Harry Potter books and you are like me who hate spoilers and have avoided the words Harry, Potter, Deathly, Hallows and spoilers in the internet in the last few weeks, then turn away now and click on the back button or go to the next blog on your list.

Harry Potter I have been on a Potter-a-thon for the last six weeks.  Whatever do I mean by that?  Well, I have wanted to re-read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix before I watched the movie.  So I was glad to have been able to do than once the kids were off from school.  Because really, it’s only in the summer when I can have enough free time to catch up with my books, DVDs, cleaning up and organizing the house, etc.  But I am a slow reader, and unlike my niece who read the Order of the Phoenix in only two days, it took me a few weeks to finish Phoenix.  When I asked her, “How do you people do that?  I can only read one chapter a night.”  She replied, “Well, that’s what I did the whole two days, Tita.  I have only been reading the book.”  Of course, she wasn’t working, at least on those two days, and she doesn’t have her own kids to look after.  So please tell me, whoever is reading this.  Is it only people who don’t have kids who could read a book that quick?  Because I can’t imagine any other parents, or at least mothers, who could just lock themselves up in a room to finish a book overnight or over a few days and ignore their small children.

When we went on our trip to Alberta, I brought my copy of Phoenix with me.  At first I thought that reading in the car through the 14-16 hour drive was out of the question.  No way.  I usually get sick and nauseous when I read inside a moving vehicle, even on a moving bus.  So I would only read at night, one long chapter, in the bathroom of whatever hotel we were in, because I didn’t want to disturb the others with the light coming from my bedside lamp.  But on our way back to Winnipeg, I thought I’d try to prop up the book on top of my purse that was on my lap.  At least this way, I wasn’t looking down.  Because it’s really the looking down that makes me sick in a moving car.  And it worked.  So I read a few chapters while we were driving back home.

I have finished the book before I went to see the movie with my three boys and my 14-year old nephew, Angelus, who was allowed for the first time to see a Harry Potter movie.  I was actually quite surprised.  Because both my sister and BIL were adamant in letting their children read or watch Harry Potter.  But they’ve had a change of heart.  They probably realized that there’s nothing wrong with the stories, even though I knew that they haven’t read or watched any of them.  And this is also the reason why my 19-year old niece has also been on a Potter-a-thon.  She had never read any of the books, although I knew she was quite curious because she would ask me things.  She borrowed all my books.  I’ve only lent her Books 1 – 5.  I was still reading Book 6 when she borrowed them so I told her that she’d have to wait until I finish the last two books.

Well, anyway, back to the movie.  I enjoyed it.  Even my kids loved it.  Ryan, my middle son, said that his favourite HP movies so far are 1, 3, and 5.  So there you go.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  I always get excited to see how the actors have grown since the last movie.  I was just watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone with the kids the other night and we were just amused at how young and innocent they looked back then.  Now they are older and more good-looking, I think.  I’m starting to have a crush on Daniel Radcliffe and I’m curious on how he gets naked in this play, The Equus.  Oh boy, I think that’s wrong.  He’s my oldest son’s age and again, I know, that’s wrong.  And since I have just read the book, I noticed right away that the filmmakers changed some of the details.  For instance, in the movie, it was Cho who sneaked about Dumbledore’s Army to Umbridge.  In the book, it was her friend Marietta, who wasn’t even in the movie.  But of course, this is understandable.  Some details and scenes have to be cut out from the 766-page book.  Otherwise, the movie would last up to four hours or more and that could get boring to watch and would cost the filmmakers more money. 

Here are just some more of the changes from the book that I noticed:  In the book, Harry passed out during the OWLs exam and not when the twins Fred and George called it quits and were flying out of Hogwarts.  Harry saw Snape’s memory of how he had been bullied by the young James Potter through the Pensieve and not when they were having their Occlumency lessons.  The glass ball of prophecy dropped from Neville’s pocket when his robes tore along the seam and it was not Lucius Malfoy who smashed it.  Harry learned about the prophecy from Dumbledore and he didn’t actually hear it when it smashed.  The prophecy that revealed that “neither can live while the other survives.”

I think that the fighting scenes were spectacular.  So did my kids.  I loved how they showed a few scenes where Ron was being concerned about Hermione.  I really thought at that time that they were gonna end up together in the end.  And they did, didn’t they?

Sirius dies  Great improvement in acting from the young actors.  I liked that part when Harry was screaming NNOOO! when Sirius fell behind the veil and died.  He was screaming but you don’t hear it.  His screams were muffled by the background music.  I LOVE that!

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry feels so much anger.  He’s still mourning Cedric Diggory.  People won’t believe that Voldemort’s back.  Dumbledore’s avoiding him.  Snape’s going through his innermost thoughts and memories during their Occlumency lessons.  He has limited contact with Sirius.  He never felt so alone.  I see this anger on Daniel’s acting.  I must say again.  Very good performances not just on his part but on the other actors as well – young and old.

I can’t wait to see the next one.

After reading Phoenix, I just had to read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince again. After all, it’s been two years since I last read it and I want to refresh my mind with the details before I could go on with Book 7, the last installment in the series.  I wanted to savour once again the moment when Harry and Ginny first kissed.  I wanted to refresh my mind about the horcruxes, about Harry and Dumbledore’s trip to the cave and the black lake, and although it was awful, how Snape killed Dumbledore on top of the tower.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  And finally, I opened Book 7, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  First, let me just congratulate this genius, Ms. J.K. Rowling, for engaging not only young children but also children up to 99 years old (or more?) in this wonderful series of books that is already considered a classic by many.  I love how she dedicated this final book: “The dedication of this book is split seven ways:  (She names 6 important people in her life) and to you, if you have stuck with Harry until the very end.”  That’s me, and I guess millions of people all over the world.

J.K. already revealed even while she was still writing Deathly Hallows that one of the main characters would die.  And many speculated that it might be Harry.  Oh how awful, I thought.  And then there were also theories that it could be someone close to him, like Ron, Hermione, or Ginny.  Still, awful. 

Anyway, I started Chapter One with much anticipation.  When Hedwig died during the escape in one of the earlier chapters, I thought that was a bad omen.  When Harry and Ginny had a tender moment in Chapter 7, I thought, could it be her?  Here’s Harry already seeing himself and Ginny getting married and then she might die anyway?  And then when Harry and Ron had a row in Chapter 15 and Ron left, I thought, could it be Ron, his best mate?  But Ron came back a few chapters later.  And then I thought, could it be Hermione?  The one who stuck with him through all of these and who has been really a big help, the brains, the genius actually, in helping him understand all about the history of magic and The Tales of Beedle the Bard and all the loopholes in his plans, or actions, because he barely really made any plans at all.  Could it be actually her?

And then another creature that Harry loved died – Dobby.  Another bad sign.  And then the Battle at Hogwarts began.  People who Harry loved started falling one by one.  First Fred, and then the others.  When Harry learned that a fragment of Voldemort’s soul latched onto him when the Killing Curse rebounded upon Voldemort, I realized that he was the seventh horcrux and that both he and Voldemort was to die.  How awful. 

Harry died, or so we thought.  Or perhaps he did, but only temporarily just so he could have a chat with Dumbledore in the afterlife (?).  It’s true that Harry is the better man than Dumbledore.  While Dumbledore was selfish and was obsessed with the hallows so he could conquer death, Harry has been selfless and sacrificed himself and let Voldemort kill him, if that was the only way to destroy the Dark Lord, and thus making him not just the true master of death, but also a hero.

I am satisfied with the way J.K. Rowling ended the Harry Potter series.  The Good triumphed over the Evil.  After all, it’s all about choices, right?  I was just watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets tonight.  One of the scenes that struck me the most was when Dumbledore reminded Harry that although the Sorting Hat thought that Harry belonged to Slytherin, he still chose to be in Gryffindor.  Yes, it’s all about choices.  Like what the Bible has been teaching us from the Book of Genesis.  You either choose to obey God or eat the apple from the Tree of Life.  Just like Star Wars.  It’s just too bad that Anakin chose the Dark Force.

And of course, Harry Potter is not just about Good or Evil.  J. K. Rowling incorporated many other important plots that involve friendship, family, loyalty, trust, vows, remorse, social issues, and many others, but most especially LOVE.  The power the Dark Lord knows not.  And I think that is the ultimate power of all.  And speaking of love, what a revelation about Snape, huh?  He has loved Lily all this time and until his end.

Now, I can go back to those Harry Potter posts that I have intentionally skipped and see what the others thought about the Deathly Hallows.  And yes, that was also one of the reasons why I haven’t been bloghopping much lately.  I was not only busy reading the books but I was also worried that I might run into any spoilers.

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Drumheller, the dinosaur town

When we originally planned our road trip to Alberta, we agreed to visit only Banff and Edmonton.  But a couple of weeks before our trip, my sister had related to me how people had been suggesting to her that we also stop over at Drumheller, which is only four hours away from Edmonton.  We shouldn’t miss visiting Royal Tyrrell Museum, they said.  And they had been raving about this place, which is actually a dinosaur museum.  And so it got us all excited.  BIL, hubby and mama had to ask for extra days off at work.  I was on vacation that whole week anyway so I didn’t have to make extra arrangements at work.

We left Edmonton on Wednesday, at 5:20 a.m.  It was raining when we reached Leduc and Camrose.  By 9:00 a.m., we were entering Drumheller.  We were delighted to see once again hills, but this time with flat tops.  I don’t even know if that’s what you call them.  They’re more of terrain and you could see how erosion has taken place there throughout the years.

Drumheller   Drumheller

The dinosaur on this welcome sign is the first one of Drumheller’s that we saw.  That’s me behind its leg.  Yes, that’s how big it was.

First thing we did was to try and check in at Travelodge.  But as it turned out, they didn’t have a record of our reservations.  The lady at the counter said that it was the third time that week that screwed up their reservations.  Or could it be because we only booked rooms at Travelodge the week before?   Remember, we only decided to add Drumheller to our itinerary within the two weeks before our trip.

Well, anyway, the lady directed us to the Tourism Centre where she said somebody there could help us find vacant rooms at another hotel in town.  As we drove there, we were amazed to see these two giant dinosaur structures.  These were even bigger than the one we saw just in front of Travelodge.  There was a sign that said, world’s largest dinosaur.  It would be this one, which was right in front of the Tourism Centre.  How big was it?  Well, this was just the foot.  So you can just imagine.

World’s largest dinosaur   World’s largest dinosaur

The receptionist at the Tourism Centre was able to help us book rooms at Drumheller Inn.  But when we got there, there were no rooms ready yet.  We would have to wait until after noon.  So we decided to drive around town first.  After seeing the world’s largest dinosaur, we were still amused to see the other dinosaur structures that were scattered all over town.  I felt as if we walked into a filming of a dinosaur movie that has been temporarily abandoned. 

I saw this big dinosaur mural just next to Reptile World.  We thought of going inside, but I think it was I who suggested that we just pass that up and head to the Royal Tyrrell Museum already.  I was too anxious to see the dinosaurs that these people had been raving about.

This is what the museum looks like outside.  It is huge.  11,200 square meters.  It is after all Canada’s largest dinosaur museum.  My sister was told that it might take us four hours to cover the entire place.  So we decided to eat lunch in the car and I changed to my flat shoes before we went in.  I learned my lesson after our first shopping trip to West Edmonton Mall.

There are also dinosaur structures in front of the entrance.  Reggie asked me to take this picture of him in that amusing pose.  You should see our album.  He took some pretty amusing and interesting pictures.

 Royal Tyrrell Museum   Royal Tyrrell Museum

The museum was named after this guy, Joseph Burr Tyrrell.  He discovered the skull of Albertosaurus near Drumheller in 1984.  And the paleontology museum named after him opened in 1985 to instant acclaim.

Joseph Tyrrell

Inside, there are interactive computers for both young and the not-so-young.  There is also a preparation lab where you can watch museum staff prepare fossils for research and display through the glass windows.  There are several galleries and exhibitions that bring you through geological time and the dinosaur ages.  There are about 40 mounted larger than life skeletons of ancient dinosaurs.  Some of the exhibits are die-cast but there are also fossils that are real.

Royal Tyrrell Museum   Royal Tyrrell Museum

It was quite an awesome experience but it didn’t take us four hours to explore the museum.  Maybe for a dinosaur buff like Ross Geller, he’d be on cloud nine and he’d spend an entire day there, or probably sign up for one of the museum’s activities and programs.  But for regular out-of-town visitors like us, two hours was enough.  We were all beat after exploring the museum for a couple of hours.  After all, we were up since 4:00 a.m., yours truly, since 3:00 a.m.  And this was the fifth day of our trip.   We couldn’t wait to get back home.

You can view our Drumheller album here.

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More of Edmonton, Alberta

As I’ve mentioned last time, my sister and her family planned to go swimming at the World Waterpark in West Edmonton Mall (WEM). But after learning about the exorbitant fees, they decided not to go.  We could easily go swimming in Manitoba for a family fee of only $20.00.

So when we came back to Comfort Inn that night after our first trip to WEM, my very resourceful niece started calling around for other places we could go to around Edmonton.  I was intent on going back to the mall the following day since I didn’t have enough time to explore the entire mall yet.  But my sister and her family wanted to go to places other than the mall.

I decided to join them the following morning before I went back to the mall.

We first went to John Walter Museum.  Admission is free.  But we didn’t know that the museum is open only on Sunday afternoons.  It was Tuesday when we went there.

John Walter Museum   John Walter Museum

Well, anyway, since we were already there, we just had a look around.  We learned that John Walter was one of Edmonton’s early settlers and industrialists.  The museum includes the three homes that John Walter built and lived in 1875, 1884 and 1901.  The first house displays his life as a bachelor.  The second one was built when he was starting to develop and prosper in his businesses. The third and largest one (the green one in the picture above) had the luxuries of the day including running water and telephone.  He was already a millionaire by then. We didn’t get a chance to go inside the houses because they were all closed so we just took these pictures outside.

Muttart Conservatory   Muttart Conservatory

Next, we went to the Muttart Conservatory. The four glass pyramid-shaped greenhouses were a sight to see as we were driving down towards it.  The Muttart Conservatory is a botanical garden and the greenhouses showcase plants from arid, tropical, and temperate climates, providing a welcome oasis of warmth during winter. The fourth pyramid hosts a theme that changes throughout the year. 

Look at this banana plant.  This must have been planted in one of the greenhouses.

banana plant

There are admission fees ranging from $4.50 to $8.75, depending on age.  And there is also a discount rate for families, but we opted not to pay.  Are you seeing a trend here?  Yes, if we could avoid it, we won’t pay.  Well, we are one big group.  And if you add it all up, it’s a lot.  But we always have fun just taking pictures and we were all like kids going up that hill, posing beside the pyramid structures and just enjoying the view from up there.

After several pictures, we went back to the hotel to have lunch.  Five of us – me, Ryland (my youngest), Reggie (my oldest), hubby and Mama – then headed back to WEM.  My middle son Ryan, decided to go along with sis and family.  While the five of us went our separate ways inside the mall, sis and her group went to Telus World of Science.  It’s a space and science museum with IMAX, exhibit galleries, planetarium, computer lab, etc.  But they also didn’t go inside.  Yes, there are also entrance fees.

They also went to Fort Edmonton Park, one of Edmonton’s premier attractions and represents four distinct time periods, exploring Edmonton’s development from a fur trade post in the vast Northwest, to a booming metropolitan centre after the First World War.

Before we leave Edmonton, here are just a few things I noticed about the capital of Alberta as compared to Winnipeg:

1.  License plates on their vehicles are attached only at the back.  Here in Winnipeg, license plates are attached at the front and back of vehicles. 
2.  License plates in Alberta bear the motto: Wild Rose Country.  Here in Manitoba, it’s Friendly Manitoba.
3.  I noticed that garbage bins, not only in Edmonton, but also in Banff are slanted.  Here in Winnipeg, they’re upright.

garbage bin  garbage bin in Winnipeg

4.  Traffic lights in Edmonton are horizontal.  Here in Winnipeg, they are vertical.  I also noticed that they do have a lot of cable wires on the streets.  I found out later on it’s because they have cable cars.

traffic lights in Edmonton   traffic lights in Winnipeg

5.  Transit buses in Edmonton are blue.  Here in Winnipeg, they’re usually orange.
6.  Their bus route numbers go up to three digits, i.e. 109, 120.  Here in Winnipeg, they only go up to 98. (Note: Except for this four special DART routes 101, 102, 109, 110, which I didn’t know until I checked out the Winnipeg Transit website for accurate information. He he he.  Who takes the DART routes anyway? ).
7.  I didn’t see a single mosquito in Edmonton while we were there.  The hotel rooms at Comfort Inn have sliding doors at the back so you can go to the parking lot easily, but they don’t have screened doors, unlike here in Winnipeg.

hiring age 14

8.  Legal working age in Alberta is 14.  Here in Manitoba, it’s 16.  Just look at this sign in front of the hotel.   When we had lunch at the Food Court of WEM on our first day there, I sent Reggie and Ryan to buy their own food at A&W.  They said that it took them a long while to get their orders because there was this kid at the till serving them.  Ryan said he looked like he was only 12 years old.  But I guess he must be at least 14, if that’s the legal working age there.

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August 5, 2007 at 12:14 am 22 comments