Snow Eagle

February 27, 2006 at 9:54 pm 13 comments

This snow sculpture is located infront of the Legislative Building. I took the pictures when I went downtown last week. It was a bit cloudy then and there were light flurries. I wasn’t able to get a front shot because it was in the middle of Broadway Avenue and there was no pedestrian crossing on this side of the street. Besides, I wanted to get out of there fast as it was cold and my hands were freezing when I took my gloves off.


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  • 1. karen  |  February 28, 2006 at 11:12 am

    i wanted to take a picture of that kaya lang tinatamad akong magpuntang downtown. ang galing no?

  • 2. Senor Enrique  |  February 28, 2006 at 6:45 pm

    Awesome! They never had things like that in New York City; only street graffiti.

  • 3. Sidney  |  February 28, 2006 at 11:38 pm

    That is nice! Too bad it will melt away…

  • 4. karen  |  February 28, 2006 at 11:39 pm

    p.s. i thought it was a bear from afar. lol.

  • 5. braindead  |  March 1, 2006 at 12:08 am

    the first one looks like a snow eagle. the second one is definitely a snow eagle. the third one… uhmmm… looks like snow.

  • 6. niceheart  |  March 1, 2006 at 8:26 am

    Yeah, it’s too bad that this work of art will melt away, Sidney.

    Braindead, the third one is the back view.

  • 7. niceheart  |  March 1, 2006 at 9:24 am

    Karen, meron din sa The Forks. I’m planning to go there, if and when I find the time.

    Eric, I think it’s because NY doesn’t get as much snow as we do.

  • 8. Jayred  |  March 1, 2006 at 3:56 pm

    Wonderful snow sculptures. Ang galing naman ng gumawa niyan. Good you were able to document these works of art.

  • 9. Abaniko  |  March 3, 2006 at 9:25 pm

    It looks like a hungry vulture to me. Hehe. Are there any sculpture of a porcupine? That would definitely be an amazing piece of art. LOL!

    Seriously, the Snow Eagle is awesome. It’s not easy to create a figure like that out of snow. I share Sidney’s sentiment: “too bad it will melt away.”

  • 10. niceheart  |  March 4, 2006 at 12:21 pm

    You know what, Jayred, I’ve seen a TV show about the Ice Hotel in Montreal. They documented it from the day they started building the hotel, to the opening day and up until it melted away. The hotel was magnificent. In the end, you can feel how the creators were heartbroken as watched the hotel melt away.

  • 11. niceheart  |  March 4, 2006 at 12:23 pm

    Abaniko, now that you said it, I also think that it looks like a vulture.

    He he he. A snow porcupine could be very challenging to do.

  • 12. JO  |  January 3, 2007 at 1:15 am

    wow! these are really nice! i’ve never seen snow sculpture before.

  • 13. Snow Sculptures on Broadway « Journey to Honeyville  |  February 22, 2007 at 10:33 pm

    […] on Broadway Avenue in front of the Legislative Building.  Last year, there was a sculpture of an eagle on the same […]


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