How could he not remember?

January 14, 2005 at 9:38 pm Leave a comment

A 14-year old girl survived bat rabies without getting vaccinations. She went into a coma but she’s better now. She is in rehabilitation to improve her speech and walking. I didn’t know that rabies could be that dangerous.

Ryan: Kuya Reggie didn’t really get bitten by the dog. He just hurt himself on the rock when he fell down.
Mom: How do you know?
Ryan: Because I saw, I was with him remember?
Mom: What are you talking about. I saw the bite mark on his hand. (Although looking back now, it didn’t bleed.) Reggie, did you get bitten or not?
Reggie: I can’t remember.

How could he not remember? Was he traumatized by the experience that he forgot? Why did he get the tetanus shot and 3 doses of rabies shots then? Dr. D, their pediatrician, still remembers him for getting those purple shots. Everytime I go see her with one of the kids, she always asks how Reggie is doing. She hasn’t given rabies shots to anybody other than him.


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