Each life affects the other

December 5, 2004 at 11:06 pm Leave a comment

The movie “The Five People You Meet in Heaven,” was on ABC. I have wanted to buy the book for a long time but it was about $35.00. And it was only over 200 pages. It was on sale at Superstore at 40% off for a little while. But still, it was $17.00, and just for a thin book. I thought it was still too much. (Yeah, that’s me, cheap.) I was happy when I learned that they made it into a movie. It was about this guy Eddie, the Maintenance guy at Ruby Pier, a carnival. He died saving a girl when there was an accident. Then he went to heaven and met five people that he met on Earth, but he didn’t know that each of these five people had some connections and effects on his life. I’d like to tell the story, but I don’t want to spoil the ending. You might want to read the book. I, myself, might buy the book after all.

I feel that I have sort of experienced what Eddie experienced in heaven when I contacted my former classmates, especially my encounter with M. I was glad that I encountered M again since I was bitter towards M for a long time due to some things that happened back home. When we contacted each other, we cleared things out. Every encounter with each of my classmates gave me some answers to the things that happened in my life. I think I summed it all up in Assignment 6, “Reconnecting and Healing,” which I will share later.


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